About Us

Who We Are

Agrivest Africa Limited Company is a social enterprise registered at the Registrar General’s Department- Ghana in West Africa. The company operates a web-based crowd funding platform that connects actors in the agricultural value chain with sponsors. The platform allows the general public to virtually participate in farming, buying and selling farm produce, and also serves as a platform for farm produce aggregators/ marketers to source produce from.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote the agricultural sector by providing framework, public investments, and support services needed to reform the agricultural value chain .

Our Vison:

Our vision is to continue to grow as a leading web-based agro-industrial actor, providing innovative solutions that generate value all along our supply-chains, from countries of origin to final customers.

Our Centre of Attention:

As a start-up, Agrivest Africa's main focus is on five crops: rice, maize, cowpea, groundnut, and soya beans. For the medium term, the company seeks to expand into other farm produce such as vegetables and legumes. The company's long-term goal is to actively support the farming of tree crops, which not only have the potential to provide long-term passive income but also contribute to greening the environment.

Our Services:

Agrivest Africa operates on four main pillars: providing a platform for the general public to participate in farming, buying and selling farm produce virtually, serving as a platform for farm produce aggregators to source produce from, actively supporting the farming of tree crops, and contributing to greening the environment.

Our Relevance:

The importance of Agrivest Africa in Africa on farmers and most especially for women, youth, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cannot be overstated. Agriculture is a crucial sector in Africa, as it employs a large percentage of the population and contributes significantly to the continent's GDP. Women and youth, in particular, play important roles in the agricultural sector and stand to benefit greatly from initiatives such as Agrivest Africa.

SDGs We are Tackling:

At Agrivest Africa, we are directly involved in the promotion of the SDGs such as 1, 2, 8 and 9 . We seek to change the narrative of making agriculture in Africa a business of providing subsistence but rather a sustainable and scalable business of profit and partnerships. According to a report by the African Development Bank (AfDB) published in 2020, "Agriculture is central to Africa's development, accounting for about a quarter of the continent's GDP, 80% of its employment, and 60% of its export earnings." The AfDB report also highlighted the importance of increasing funding and support for agriculture in Africa, as this can help to improve food security, increase economic growth, and reduce poverty.


Overall, Agrivest Africa Limited Company is a valuable platform that has the potential to make a significant impact in Africa by supporting small-scale farmers, empowering women and youth, and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

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Agrivest Africa is a farmer-owned and equity crowdfunding platform focused on bridging the gap between investors and agri-value chain. Our goal is to maximize the investors returns and help farmers get good returns while lowering risk.

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